NMAT Conference Committee

The Scientific Committee is constituted of highly experienced researchers; to enhance and broaden the expertise of Nanomaterials from the global community. The committee is key to the overall supervision and quality control procedures related to the submission, evaluation and selection of presentations and the monitoring of final agenda

Nowak Roman
Aalto University, Finland
Nowak Roman
Giuseppina CERRATO
University of Turin, Italy
Giuseppina CERRATO
Manuel G. Velarde
Universidad Complutense de Madrid Paseo Juan XXIII, Spain
Manuel G. Velarde


Marcel Van de Voorde
University of Technology DELFT, The Netherlands and Director of the World University Consortium, California
Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology: Research, Development and Innovation


Giuseppina Luciani
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Learning from Nature: Bioinspired Design of Bio-Functional Nanomaterials.
Nermin Seda Kehr
Center for Soft Nanoscience, Germany
3D Printing of Multifunctional Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Controlled Cell Migration
John Xin
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
The Development of the Ultra-Thin Graphene Based Membrane for Effluent Salt Removal
Andisheh Motealleh
Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN), Germany
Stereoselective Cell-Nanocomposite Hydrogels Interactions and the Impact of Chirality on Cell Adhesion, Cell Enrichment and Cell Migration
Samo Kralj
University of Maribor, Slovenia
Electric Field-Driven Reconfigurable Multistable Topological Defect Patterns
Lukas Eng
Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany
Reconfigurable 2D-Electron Gases in Ferro-electric Domain Walls
Bernhard Schuster
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
Biosensors Comprising Crystalline Surface-Layer Proteins as Interface Architecture
Patricia Sofia Pinhancos Batista
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Portugal
Whey Protein Nanoparticles for Functional Textiles
Magda Blosi
Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, Italy
Chlorella Vulgaris/TiO2 Hybrid Photocatlysts: Novel Nano-Bio Systems for Water Remediation
Maria Manuela Gaspar
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Liposomes as a Tool for Cancer Therapy in-vitro and in-vivo Evaluation
Anna Costa
Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, Italy
BSA-Shell: A Safe by Design Strategy to Uniform and Mitigate Nanoparticles Potential Toxicity?
Sophie Franceschi
Universite Paul Sabatier, France
Self-Assembled Gelled Oil Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Jerome Colin
University of Poitiers, France
Buckle Propagation in presence of Atomic Steps at the Film/Substrate Interface
Kostsov Eduard Gennadievich
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Russia
The Creation of Field-Controlled Nanometer Gaps


Pedro Pereira Francisco
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Silver Nanoparticles as Innovative Topical Formulation for Skin Burn Treatment
Adrian Circiumaru
Dunarea De Jos University of Galati, Romania
Method to Form Inorganic Nano-Structures Inside an Epoxy Resin

Speaker Competence

It has been a pleasure to meet in Valencia and take part to the conference: thanks a lot for your punctual organisation.

- Giuseppina CERRATO

University of Turin, Italy

It was a great pleasure to participate in NMAT! I enjoyed the meeting thoroughly

- Christine Hong

University of California, USA